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Physical Activity and Diabetic Cardiomyopathy: Myocardial Adaptation Depending on Exercise Load

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 6 ]


Solene Le Douairon Lahaye, Francoise Rannou Bekono and Tom Broderick   Pages 371 - 390 ( 20 )


Diabetes mellitus (DM), an increasing health problem worldwide, is associated with severe cardiovascular complications. To date, the beneficial effects of physical activity in both prevention and treatment of DM and its complications are well established. Nevertheless, it appears that exercise training, depending on the load, exerts differential effects on the myocardium. Hence, in this review, the impact of exercise training, focusing on exercise modalities and adaptations in response to load, on diabetic cardiovascular function, are discussed. Molecular mechanisms that may be involved in these adaptions to exercise training are also addressed.


Cardiac function, diabetes, exercise load, physical activity, molecular mechanisms.


Laboratory Movement, Sport and Health, UFR APS, Université de Rennes 2, ENS de Rennes, Campus de Ker Lann, Avenue Robert Schumann, 35170 Bruz, France.

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