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Diabetes Mellitus and Osteoporosis Correlation: Challenges and Hopes


Moein Ala, Razieh Mohammad Jafari and Ahmad Reza Dehpour*   Pages 1 - 18 ( 18 )


Diabetes and osteoporosis are two common diseases with different complications. Despite different therapeutic strategies, managing these diseases and reducing their burden has not been satisfactory, especially when they appear one after the other. In this review, we aimed to clarify the similarity, common etiology and possible common adjunctive therapies of these two major diseases and designate the known molecular pattern observed in them. Based on different experimental findings, we want to illuminate that interestingly there are similar pathways lead to diabetes and osteoporosis. Meanwhile, there are a few drugs involved in both diseases, which most of the time act in the same line but sometimes with opposing results. Consideration of the correlation between diabetes and osteoporosis, more efficient management of both diseases in conditions of concomitant incidence or cause and effect condition can be helped.


Diabetes, osteoporosis, similar etiology, similar pathways, drug-induced complications, immune system


Pharmacology Department, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran , Experimental Medicine Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences,Tehran , Pharmacology Department, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran

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