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Impact of Metabolic Surgery on Type-2 Diabetes Remission


Cejana de Abrantes Figueiredo Baiocchi, Diana Aristótelis Rocha de Sá and Alberto Krayyem Arbex*   Pages 1 - 12 ( 12 )


Diabetes Mellitus is characterized by numerous metabolic disorders, which have in common the serum elevation of glucose, caused for a pancreatic malfunction in insulin secretion and / or its action. It is a non-communicable disease, considered major public health problems and generalized growth worldwide, being a chronic disease, which can generate a high treatment cost. Metabolic surgery is a safe treatment, regulated by the Federal Council of Medicine and useful in treating people with BMI over 30 years of age, who are unable to control pathologies associated with obesity, especially type 2 diabetes. The general objective of this study is to understand through a literature review the main impacts of metabolic surgery about the remission of DM 2. This present study it is an exploratory and descriptive study carried out through a literature review. Data were collected through research in virtual health databases, at the Virtual Health Library - VHL, Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Information System, LILACS, National Library of Medicine - MEDLINE, Scielo, USP database, PUBMED theses and books. Metabolic surgery proof be a good and effective treatment for having and maintaining good weight loss, as well as a significant clinical and metabolic improvement that extends beyond weight loss. Metabolic surgery is a satisfactory way of achieving long-term weight reduction in obese individuals, increasing survival for these patients. Obese patients with DM2 have a long-term remission of DM2 after bariatric / metabolic surgery. Therefore, it concludes that such procedure is effective in the treatment of the disease and other diseases associated with obesity. 1


Diabetes Mellitus, bariatric surgery, metabolic surgery, remission, treatment.


IPEMED Medical School / AFYA Educational, Brasília,, School of Health Sciences, Federal District Government, Brasília,, Medical Clinic in Endocrinology and Diabetes, Schleswig-Flensburg, State of Schleswig-Holstein

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