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Specificities of the Diabetic Population in French Guiana: The Health Barometer Survey


Nadia Sabbah*, Mickael. Massicard and Nacher Mathieu   Pages 1 - 9 ( 9 )


Aim: This study aims to identify the epidemiological and social characteristics of the diabetic population in French Guiana.

Background: The prevalence of diabetes is very high in the French overseas departments. French Guiana is, however, a very atypical territory, closer in the epidemiological field to Latin America than European and French standards.

Objective: To perform a descriptive analysis of variables related to renouncing medical care, social parameters, and use of healthcare services

Methods: A two-stage random sample of 1390 individuals aged 30 to 75 years was surveyed by telephone, and screening was initially done for diabetic versus non-diabetic individuals. Logistic regression was fitted on the sample to adjust for potential confounding factors. A Kaplan-Meier analysis showed the risk of diabetes as a function of the age of onset.

Results: The prevalence rate of diabetes was 9.3%, particularly among women, for whom 20% had a history of gestational diabetes. Excess weight and obesity were found in 60% of people with diabetes. The diabetic individuals in French Guiana were younger than those in mainland France, and 30% of people with diabetes were on insulin. They often reported sleep problems, and their health status was described as poor. People with diabetes did not regularly consult a doctor and were very rarely followed up by a specialist.

Conclusions: The prevalence rate of diabetes and obesity in French Guiana was one of the highest among the French territories, with specific vulnerabilities requiring to be addressed by local health policies.


Diabetes, obesity, French Guiana, health barometer survey, health inequalities, epidemiology.


Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Centre Hospitalier de Cayenne, F-97306 Cayenne, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Centre Hospitalier de Cayenne, F-97306 Cayenne, Clinical Investigation Center Antilles French Guiana (CIC INSERM 1424) Centre Hospitalier de Cayenne, F-97306 Cayenne

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