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Transcervical Oropharyngectomy: A Clinically Focused Review

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 1 ]


Yasuhisa Hasegawa   Pages 38 - 43 ( 6 )


The controversial point of treatment for oropharyngeal cancer is the surgical approach and it is in transition, especially for resectable tumors. Transcervical oropharyngectomy with mandibulotomy is an oncologically valid surgical option for resectable T3–T4a oropharyngeal cancers and contraindications for transoral lateral oropharyngectomy. The approach without mandibulotomy allows for simple reconstruction and has a low complication rate. In particular, it spares the patients’ morbidity related to mandibulotomy. </p> <p> The transoral approach, especially with robotic surgical systems seem likely to offer an alternative approach and refinement of oropharuyngectomy in the future. </p>


Advanced oropharyngeal carcinoma, mandibulotomy, transcervical oropharyngectomy.


Department of Head and Neck Surgery, Aichi Cancer Center Hospital, 1-1 Kanokoden Chikusaku, 464-8681, Nagoya Japan.

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